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Advanced Machine Learning, Data Mining, & Programmatic Advertising/Marketing Services

A.I. Optify + Qudos: Optimal Programmatic Remarketing

In this article we describe how A.I. Optify helped Qudos to setup and optimize their programmatic campaigns at very large scale. You can read the full case study here: Programmatic Remarketing

A Tech Startup Leverages Programmatic Ad Buying to Generate High-Value B2B Leads

In this case study, you learn how AI Optify uses its precise B2B data and programmatic ad buying platform powered by machine learning to generate high-value leads for a tech startup to build its two-sided vendor/buyer market. You can read the full case study here: B2B Lead Generation

TalentClick Targets Enterprise U.S. Companies in Oil & Gas, Construction and Manufacturing

In this case study, you find out how AI Optify worked with TalentClick to identify high-value prospects in Oil & Gas, Construction, and Manufacturing industries and target them on web to increase TalentClick saftey brand awareness. You can read the full case study here: B2B Display Advertising

SecondSlice Experiences 80% Increase in Online Sales using A.I. Optify Optimization Service

In this case study, we explain how AI Optify helped SecondSlice Pizza business since 2014 increase their sales through online search and display advertising. You can read the full case study here: Optimizing Search Advertising