A.I. Optify

Advanced Machine Learning, Data Mining, & Programmatic Advertising/Marketing Services

Machine Learning & Optimization Services:

At A.I. Optify, we have a team of machine learning & software engineers with deep knowledge and expertise in the area of big data analysis. We take data-centric approaches to customize our programmable bidders for our clients. The core of our competencies are:

  • Our proprietary AI-powered programmable bidders for media buying. Our bidders learn in real-time as they buy impressions and analyze conversion data.
  • Customized machine learning algorithms which optimize the campaign's conversions (i.e. CPA & CVR) by online analysis of bidders performance data.
  • Exploiting machine learning & data mining techniques to analyze clients first-party data, web data, and publishers data to initilize our bidders' exploration strategies to target high-value users and minimize ad waste.